Social workers, police and Crown counsels work for different government ministries. Theoretically, each has their own mandate and is supposed to function independently. This is what the government wants you to believe.

In reality, they all scratch one another's back. Social workers need the muscle of the police to do their barbaric enforced disappearance of children business. The police, at times, needs social worker's unique power to remove children at will to enter residence when they cannot obtain a search warrant by putting parents under duress that their children will be removed if they fail to allow entry. Crown counsels are public paid lawyers who need police cases to justify their existence. At times, they need social workers as witness to support the Crown's position in criminal proceedings, usually against parents who fall into the trap of uttering a death threat when provoked by social workers. Conversely, social workers need the Crown's support of their "child protection" concerns by releasing information from related criminal files. To cover their own position, this is usually done by way of a CFCSA Section 65 application and the Ministry is usually successful.

The combined power of these law enforcers is a very formidable weapon on parents with children under 19 years of age. We have come across a case in which the police used social workers to remove young children from a family and blackmailed the father to admit guilt to justify the police's Section 111 (of the Criminal Code) firearm prohibition application. The family believed that the scheme was masterminded by the Crown counsel who was forced to stay the proceeding of a 13-month old recanted domestic violence allegation and humiliated by the failure to confiscate the father's firearms seized without warrant. Although the parents finally got their children back and the police did not show up in the firearm prohibition hearing for an unknown reason after zealously pursuing the father for two years, these authorities managed to separate the family for 487 days, seriously traumatized their children and exacted severe financial punishment.

Seasoned bureaucrats will justify their oppressive conspiracies by alleging that they are carrying out their duties. This is a classic example of how tax dollars are wasted to finance persecution under the pretext of duties and justice.