Suggestions When Dealing with "Child Protection" Workers

[transcript from the video on the right]

When "child protection" workers show up on your doorstep ...

Don't accept unannounced visits. These "visits" are to gain evidence on

  1. anything said
  2. or seen will be seized.

Child Protection Service (CPS) reports have stated:

Entered to get evidence on parents!

So grab your coat

  1. Tell them you are just going out
  2. Ask them to arrange to see you, when you will be in.

Experts Assessments are prepared by:

  1. Doctors
  2. Psychologists
  3. Psychiatrists

If the Doctor or psychiatrist were "RECOMMENDED" OR "FOUND" by CPS, DO NOT ATTEND

You are being "stitched up" (Framed). The CPS will

  1. Lead the Expert
  2. Skew the Letters of Instruction (Skew the Letters means showing only the bad stuff)
  3. Bombard Doctors with highly "selective" evidence
    • "Selective" letters introduces "bias"
    • Bias is the opposite of NEUTRALITY
    • No Good Reports will be accepted by the SS
    • They will challenge any good reports.
  4. Write to Doctors AFTER a good REPORT asking them to change it.

Find your own expert

  1. Obtain the Experts CV
  2. Research their interests
  3. Research their Qualifications
  4. Research their area of Expertise

Are they

  1. Neutral
  2. Willing to stand against the CPS
  3. Good Reputation
  • Take a Witness to Reviews and Meetings, ask them to "tape" it
  • Buy a Dictaphone (two Olympus models shown, silver and black)
  • Don't ASK their permission to Tape! Secretly record ALL meetings to prove Lies via TRANSCRIPTS in court.
  • Keep it SECRET

Do NOT CALL the NSPCC (National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children (UK). They record you for the SS and Police.

Ask your witnesses to write notes immediately afterwards interaction with "Child Protection" workers

Expect only bad reports They want the Judge to read all bad things To "SKEW" the data CONTACT REPORTS
  1. Each Contact will have a Contact Report
  2. Anything Done
  3. Anything Said Will be SEIZED

DO NOT Discuss your case with CPS workers during contact, as this is "EMOTIONAL ABUSE" regardless of how "friendly" the CPS worker appears

Stop the Abuse pretty please (child holding hand up)

Emotional Abuse
  1. Very Fashionable
  2. Has no Legal definition
    • Yes, you read that right, NO LEGAL Definition
    • Theory of J. Gabarino
  3. CPS uses it to "snatch" children

Personality Disorder

  1. Highly Fashionable, so read up on it
  2. Used to snatch children

[This page was added on 23 March 2015.]