Documentary on the child protection industry in Canada
The full-length documentary on the Child Protection Industry above comprises of government propaganda materials and news footages on the atrocities and corruption of service providers. This documentary was a response to the video "Positive Parenting" released by the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) on 24 January 2011 designed to garner support from the Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese communities in British Columbia, Canada.

Click here to view the excerpt of this documentary.

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"Powerful as God"
"Powerful as God" is a video documentary made in 2011 on the Children's Aid Societies in Ontario, Canada.

Welcome to Our Web Site

PAPA is a civilian run non-profit organization formed under the Society Act in July 2007 in British Columbia, Canada.  Funded entirely by free will donors, PAPA is not affiliated with any ethnic community, religious group or political party. PAPA has no connection with any government or Crown corporation. PAPA is not a father's right group. We serve distressed parents of both sexes with children removed by the state.

Message From Our President

Our Mission

  1. build a safer and better future for our children;

  2. protect the best interests of children by preserving their families, if possible, and restoring healthy parenting ability;

  3. safeguard the rights and dignity of parents in state-sponsored child protection activities.

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Our Beliefs

  • Parents have the God-given right and responsibility to care for and bring up their children in a manner which is culturally and socially acceptable to their own values within the boundary of Canadian laws.

  • Children are our future. Families are the backbone of our nation.

  • Family is the best environment to nourish children. Preservation of family is important to maintain a healthy social structure vital to child upbringing, national security and continuation of civilization.

  • Custodial right of one's natural offsprings is a fundamental human right and should be enshrined constitutionally.

  • Government must treat parents and children with respect and dignity in carrying out its child protection mandate.

  • All child protection activities must meet the approval of parents in their own free will.

  • State intervention in family affairs should be avoided except in extreme circumstances. Should interventions become necessary, they must:
    • be the least intrusive;
    • serve the best interests of both children and their parents;
    • be justified by good evidence and the due process of law.
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