The Horror of Child Removal: cops take 2 boys away from their father on 17 July 2007

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Hitler and CPS


The untitled poem below was found in the internet written by an anonymous author. We believe that it was written in a British context. To most Canadians who know little about the child protection industry, the contents may appear absurd. In our view, it correctly reflects what some, if not many, families have experienced.

We rewrote the poem based on the framework of this untitled poem. Inspired by the documentary "Powerful as God" (2011 Ontario), we rename this poem "More Powerful Than God: An Unspeakable Horror". To support our position, we have modified, expanded and supplemented the poem contents by empirical evidence, case law, photos and news footages. Video and linked materials form an integral part of our presentation.

We know nothing in writing poem. The revised poem below may not meet the requirements in English poem writing. Therefore, we are not claiming any artistic value but wish to emphasize the empirical value from those who have experienced the trauma and horror of state-sponsored child removal.

More Powerful Than God
We are professional child protection workers.
We are nice and have college degree.
We help loving mothers and lovely kids.
We give good advice and support to those in need.

Your partner has left you and your kids.
You can't make both ends meet.
Is your partner abusive?
He beats you and kicks your hip?
We are sorry, all your kids will have to leave.
What child protection really is
The Social Workers Regulations stipulates that Ministry-employed "child protection" social workers as exempted persons. They are not required to register with any professional governing body such as the British Columbia College of Social Workers (BCCSW), hence not abide by the College's professional code of ethics.

It is noteworthy to mention that the aforesaid exemption is shrewdly stipulated outside CFCSA to avoid public attention, scrutiny and criticism.

You have a learning problem.
You're not too clever or physically challenged.
We help by getting your kids adopted.
We solve your problem.
When can you see them? Never!

Is your child hyperactive or autistic?
You need a respite.
Is your child injured or sick?
We'll take all your children.
Give up the hopeless fight!
Our doctors will testify that we are right.
Assumption of innocence? Not quite.
CFCSA next
Oppressive power will eventually fall.
Your child was taken into care many years ago.
If now you have a baby,
your newborn too will be removed at birth!
Your record with us will never go away.
Multi-generation scrutiny is guaranteed.

Foster parents love your kids.
They will do whatever to meet our needs.
They'll testify for our case in court.
Foster kids bring them lot of tax-free money each week.
Those who don't appease will lose what they seek.
Because they don't know that we are god indeed.
Some Canadian kids died "in care"
Click here to view deaths while in care.
Judges call foster homes known safe place,
where paedophiles and prostitutes live and play.
Some foster kids are raped, some are killed.
Tribute is never paid.
When we cover up abuse,
the press comes in haste.
Try to nail us? We are not amazed.

Adoption is the best.
Your kids will call another man dad.
Fathers shout and mothers cry.
Your kids are gone and only you say it's bad.
People turn a blind eye to your pain.
20010129 "British Columbia (Director of Child, Family and Community Services) v. G.(R.), 2001 BCPC 32" Docket: 92-3735, Registry: Vancouver

Synopsis: judge defined what is considered and not considered in presentation hearing, she put the onus of proof on parents and erred on the side of caution and granted interim custody to the director (hence ensuring a prolonged separation between parent and children), alleging that foster care is a known safe place, cooperation with MCFD is an evaluating factor considered by court, access is recommended but not ordered ...
Don't fight us because you can't win.
We are backed by the muscle of the police.
They will do whatever we say.
Even cops fear us for we are powerful.
They are not immune from our voodoo stick.
You see, we protect their children too.

Your children may be healthy, happy and well fed.
But they may not be safe.
One day you might hurt them.
That's what our experts say.
A possibility, not an incident, is all we need to get your kids.
SW and police in action
If you are angry with us, you have anger control problem.
If you are anxious after your kids are removed, you have anxiety disorder.
If you are distressed after becoming our "client", you fail to manage stress.
If you are emotionally unstable after losing your children, you are a psychopath.
If you show no emotion when we remove your kids, you don't care about them.
If your children exhibit depression, inattention or hyperactivity, they have ADHD.
If your children want to go back to you in foster homes, we use psychotropic drugs to control them.
Our psychiatrists will convince court that they are sick and need treatments.
Of course, parents are the cause of these problems.
If you want your kids back, you must kiss our shoes.
You are at our mercy.
Foster child shared her experience of
being forced to take psychotropic drugs
The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) found an alarming number of challenges facing Canadians with mental health issues. In November 2009, Canadians are told that they could be mentally unhealthy even if they have no mental illness. MHCC called to place mental health issues high on every agenda and to build a social movement to engage all Canadians to become a potential clients of the mental health industry. All these will translate into business opportunities for mental health practitioners primarily at taxpayer's expense.

To psychotherapists, there are only patients and potential patients. Under the pretext of safety and mental health wellbeing, their preoccupation is to turn as many potential patients into patients.
In family courts, our psychologists will say:
"You're a risk to your kids."
So we'll take them all in haste.
Don't count on their professional ethics.
They never bite the hands that feed them.
We have access to the deep pocket of taxpayers.
Money talks.

Judges know that we are right.
You don't have the benefit of a doubt.
They will agree with us.
Don't forget that we work for the same boss.
When they err on the side of caution,
our power reaches a new height.
They dare not risk another course.
They have no balls.
Their decisions are our call.
You stand no chance at all.

In court, we are law.
Hearsay. lies and opinions are our mighty jaws.
So don't you breathe a word.
Can't you see the writings on the walls.
No one will believe you because we are above all.
In the eyes of law, we have no flaw.

Don't think for a moment that your lawyer could help.
We have been sleeping together, can't you tell?
Most of them will side with us.
They will talk you into accepting our decisions.
Those who align their views too close to yours,
we will apply to court to have them removed as your counsel.

Some foster kids will be adopted.
Some may be abused or killed in foster homes.
We don't care.
Our job is to remove them to fuel our industry.
Complain? Don't you dare!
We have the power to retaliate until you scare.
We say yeah, you don't say nay.
There are consequences you couldn't bear.
Court will say that's fair.

We have adoption targets.
They must be met at all costs.
Failure means a reprimand.
So spare a thought for us!
We have good pay and fat pension.
Job security is our prime consideration.
Corruption in the child protection industry: retaliation on those who disagree, unveil wrongdoings and those who get their children back in court
SW demands
20080421 "Director of Child Family and Community Service and T.T., 2008 BCPC 114" Docket: 13020, Registry: Port Coquitlam

Synopsis: Director applied to remove counsel who acted for both the father and the children in a hearing for a supervision order alleging that children had not been made “parties to a proceeding” pursuant to s. 39(4) of the CFCSA, Court concluded that children did not have standing that would enable them to have counsel appear for them, Counsel was accused of behaviour that could be seen as exacerbating the relationship between the Children and the Ministry and was given a last chance to represent the father.

Don't try going public.
There will be horrible consequences.
Most media don't give a damn.
Remember you, parents, are the bad guys, not us.
To those who rock the boat and try to unveil our lucrative business,
we will make life much more miserable.
Don't forget that we can scoop up your kids at will.

Seeking help from politicians is a waste of time.
They won't help you because their career will be harmed.
They need the support of our union in the next election.
They look after their own interest first.
After all, we will stay longer than any politicians.
Want to reform us? Good luck.

People, bite the bullet.
Rollover and play dead.
This is your only course of action.
You can't fight us.
God makes kids.
We decide who their parents should be.
We are more powerful than God.

Forced Adoption and Statistics in the U.K.
no CPS

[This page was conceptualized on 23 April 2012, published on 10 June 2012, last revised on 23 March 2015.]