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Preventive Measures

The following are some preventive measures parents should be aware of:

  1. If you are competing for child custody with your estranged spouse, make sure that both parties understand the risk of using MCFD to sabotage each other. For the sake of your children, parents should agree not to take this approach in any event. Be mindful that a phone call to MCFD may cause a removal. It may take a very long time, a lot of money and grief to get your children back, if by a small chance possible. Furthermore, if you knowingly make a false allegation, it is an offence under Section 14 (4) of CFCSA and you will be liable to a fine of up to $10,000 or to imprisonment for up to 6 months, or to both.
  2. If your children have any medical conditions (like a red rash, Mongolian blue spot, or treatment of some alternative medical remedies) that resemble signs of abuse, make sure that you have medical records and that MCFD’s watchdogs (like schools, day care centers) are aware of them. Having said the foregoing, we have come across a case in which even medical records do not help in court as MCFD fabricated other “professional evidence” (like an assessment from a psychologist paid by them) to undermine parent’s credibility.
  3. If your children have an accident and results in injuries that resemble signs of abuse or neglect, make sure that you and your children give a consistent testimony with health care professionals. Ideally, you should seek medical assistance from your family doctor who you can trust. If situation does not permit, be aware that medical professionals are required by law to report child abuse.
  4. In case you have a domestic dispute, never exaggerate the extent of violence to incriminate your spouse. Failure to protect your children from any source of risks (including your spouse) is also a reason for removal. Typical attitude of many social workers is: father is abusive, mother is weak and unable to protect, therefore children are theirs to keep. Be mindful that once you call the police, you are inviting authorities to intervene. Unwanted government “services” that may be imposed on you are out of your control. Such interventions could completely destroy you, your family and your children.
  5. If you are addicted to any harmful substances (like drugs and alcohol), seek rehabilitation immediately. Although there is no law in Canada that such addicts cannot have children and that they may not be bad parents per se, harmful substance addiction is a solid ground of child removal. MCFD have access to your medical and pharmcare records without your knowledge, let alone your consent. They know what prescription drugs you have taken in British Columbia. Once you are under their scrutiny, checking your medical and drug records are one of the first few things they will do.
  6. If you have any mental problems (including depression) that may be perceived or be construed as a risk to the safety of your children, you may want to consider transferring the custody of your children to someone you can trust via the Family Relations Act while you have the mental capacity to make this decision.
  7. Do not make too much noise involving your children at home that could be perceived as sign of child abuse. An overly zealous or malicious neighbor may call MCFD if situation permits him to act. Pursuant to Section 14 (1) of CFCSA, every person in British Columbia is required to report if he has reason to believe that a child needs protection. This is a very low standard of proof and the whistle blower enjoys whistle blower protection (ie. his identity will not be disclosed). Section 14 (4) of CFCSA only applies to those who knowingly make false report. As long as the whistle blower is not knowingly making false report, he cannot be punished even if his allegations are untrue.
  8. Do not leave your children in your car or at home without adult supervision. Neglect is a common reason for removal. Although removed children are sometimes neglected in foster homes (without any consequence to foster parents of course), parents are running the risk of removal if they do this. The old saying “State officials can do arson, while citizens are not allowed to light up a candle” precisely reflects this reality in the “child removal” business.

    This young boy was left alone in the front yard of a Port Coquitlam foster home on Fraser Avenue without adult supervision. Lack of accountability and insufficient monitoring render some foster homes dangerous to removed children in "care".

    It is noteworthy to mention that this removed child, 5 years of age at the time this photo was taken, was still wearing diaper. This suggests that removal from parents may have delayed both mental and physical development of young children.

    Many foster parents are visible minorities or immigrants with limited proficiency in English and little job skill. It is doubtful whether they can be gainfully employed elsewhere if they quit fostering. Monthly and per diem rates of fee paid to foster parents in British Columbia are linked to show the lucrative foster parenting industry.

  9. If you have any dealings with the police and/or Crown prosecutors, do not voluntarily disclose that you have children under 19 years of age. This will give them fewer strings to pull.
  10. Do not discuss your background, especially your criminal history, with any persons. We have come across a case in which a father’s criminal history was used by a day care employee who had a quarrel with him. A removal was successfully induced. This father has permanently lost custody of his child now.
  11. If possible, consider home schooling and do not use day care service. Exposing your children, especially young children, to public eyes in Canada are sometimes unexpectedly dangerous. That said, putting one's children in a home school may attract unwanted attention. Those who prefer home schooling for their children must weigh the costs, benefits and risk involved.
  12. If you are a visible minority or an immigrant from a non-English speaking background, be aware that the government has the power to remove your children if social workers believe that your children need protection. “Child protection” social workers are very different from those in your home countries. They have tremendous power over you. Their standard of child abuse is very different from that in your home country.
  13. Ensure that your home is hygienic, has hydro, heating and sufficient food.
  14. Do not put your children in MCFD’s care voluntarily, even for a short term basis. You may have a hard time to get them back.
  15. Do not seek help from MCFD. Government is never good at and should not be involved in prescribing family therapy. The kind of “help” you receive may be very different from what you want. Once your children are exposed, they may become a target of removal.
  16. Children's Aid Society Oversight: In
    this TV news video from CHCH News Live
    @ 5:30, parents do not want their son to
    receive cancer treatment to avoid unbearable
    side effect ...
  17. If your child has a serious illness, ensure that he or she is receiving proper medical treatment. This sometimes creates a dilemma as parents may not prefer conventional medical treatment. Children are removed if MCFD is in the opinion parents are not giving their children the medical care social workers think to be proper. For example, refusal to receive blood transfusion due to religious reason, refusal to receive chemotherapy due to unbearable side effects. MCFD deprives many fundamental parental rights. See case reference V.M. v. British Columbia (The Director of Child, Family and Community Service), 2008 BCSC 449 [added on May 12, 2008]
  18. Do not discipline your children in the public or in the presence of any malicious person(s) who may use this as an opportunity to harm you.
  19. Ensure that your children, especially older children reaching the rebellious age, understand the true color of “child protection”. If there is any disagreement between the generations, never use MCFD as a retaliatory means. The result could be devastating to the whole family.
  20. If parents are dying of terminal illness, ensure that there is a will specifying the preferred guardian of your children. If parents have any joint investments with third parties, ensure that the disposition of these assets is specified in the will or these assets be sold before death. We have heard that social workers disallowed sale of joint assets inherited by minors due to fear of rip off by other joint investors. They have to wait until the children reach 19 years of age or until social worker changes his or her mind. This may create financial hardship to both the children and joint investors. Furthermore, good sale opportunity may be lost. [added on May 12, 2008]
  21. Granholm, Bethany
    Bethany Granholm, 23 when the incident occurs, with her week-old baby girl
  22. Never say that you want to sell your children. The "baby for sale" ad posted on Craigslist by the young Vancouver parents Bethany Granholm and Jeremy Pete (23 and 26 years of age respectively) in May 2008 led to the removal of their week-old baby girl Beverley by MCFD. Both parents were arrested by the police and later released after the Crown deemed there was not enough evidence to support criminal charges. But charges are still being considered. The baby has been placed in MCFD's care.

    According to Wikinews dated June 1, 2008, the father, Jeremy Pete, had a history of car thefts and evasion of police, while the mother, 23-year-old Bethany Granholm, had convictions of property theft, fraud and impersonation. Given the criminal and drugs background of the parents, they will have a hard time to get their baby back. The TV news video link from CTV when the mother appeared in court is provided herein.

    This Vancouver couple were arrested in September 2009 for their alleged part in a credit card fraud ring. For more details, please read the September 18, 2009 Province.

    Selling children is very unethical. Despite whether you really mean to sell your children, making remarks of this nature will give MCFD excuse to remove your children. [added on July 15, 2008, last revised on October 7, 2009]

  23. Do not allow your children to engaging in any dangerous sports. If one of your children is injured or killed, other siblings may be jeopardized as well.
  24. Do not allow your children to openly discuss sex or exhibiting any behavior that could be construed as signs of sexual abuse. We have heard from parents that a young girl was removed because she itched her vagina in pre-school.
  25. Never take nude photo of your children as this could be misconstrued as child pornography. Read the Anthony and Lisa Demaree in our Cases page.
  26. Adolph Hitler Campbell
    Heath Campbell, left, with his wife Deborah and son Adolph Hitler Campbell (middle) at 3 years of age, posed in Easton, Pennsylvania (photo credit: AP Photo/Rich Schultz).

    The parents would have one less problem to worry about if they name their boy Gordon.

  27. Do not name your children after characters considered notorious, especially those in western culture. This is not a joke. See the Adolf Hitler Campbell removal in New Jersey on January 9, 2009 in our Cases page.

    MCFD could easily misconstrue these names as harmful to a child's physical safety (as it may attract hatred) and/or mental health. They may argue that placing such a stigma on a child would be so damaging to the child’s future in society that the government would have a good reason to intervene and remove for the child's safety. Given the unfathomable and invective behavior of service providers in the "child protection" industry, it will not be surprising to see children with names like Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong-il and Osama bin Laden removed. Do NOT give them any excuse and do not take any chance.

    [added on January 16, 2009]

  28. Maintain a stable home and do not move frequently. We have come across a mother alleging that MCFD used transiency (namely staying in a place for a short time only) as a reason to remove her child. Ironically, most removed children are often moved from foster home to foster home after a short time of stay in one home. This, of course, falls within the definition of transiency. If parents bring this to the attention of court, MCFD will easily get away by simply telling court that there is a lack of resources. This certainly will not compel court to order the return of children to their parents. Once again, this proves that "State officials can do arson, while citizens are not allowed to light up a candle."

    [added on October 11, 2009]

  29. Do not allow your children to smoke or use any harmful substance. In particular, do not video tape your child smoking and put the footage in the internet. There is a case in Virginia in which a mother Sandra Venery (33-year old in 2007) was arrested for putting a video in My Space showing her 2-year old child smoking a cigarette.

    In addition to health reasons, allowing your children to smoke may attract some unwanted attention that could lead to their removal.

    [added on November 28, 2009]

These preventive measures imply that parents with children under 19 years of age are vulnerable. Canada may not be as free and safe as the British Columbian government openly portraits that the province is the “best” place on earth to live.

The above is not a complete list of preventive measures. We will revise and add new information as events in the “child removal” industry unfolded.


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