Infant "in care" with pus from her genital. Viewer's discretion is advised.

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What's New In Our Website

For the convenience of our frequent browsers and government agents assigned to monitor our site, this section summarized new additions and major revisions of our site in chronological order (dates are in YYYYMMDD format) as follows (click the blue text to view the changes/additions made during that period of time):

prior to 2009
prior to 2009
  1. 20080312 addition of the song "In Prison 2008 (新破陣子)"
  2. 20080507 addition of Parent Support page.
  3. 20080730 addition of MCFD Surveillance page.
  4. 20080828 addition of Colleen's Advocacy page.
  5. 20080908 addition of our Chinese version. page.
  6. 20081009 addition of the song "Cry Out of Anger"
  7. 20081114 addition of Browser's Responses page.
  8. 20081225 addition of our Empirical Data & Stats page.

  1. 20140110 added a new page "Unreported Deaths of Albertan Foster Children" in the "Empirical" pull down menu.
  2. 20140217 added a new page "CPS Related Cartoon Gallery" in the "Archives" pull down menu.
  3. 20140218 updated "MCFD Budgets" under the MCFD tab and in "Child Protection Statistics Centre" in pull down menu.
  4. 20140510 added a new case "One-Month Old Manitoba Foster Baby Matias de Antonia Died In Care (27 March 2014)" in our Cases page.
  5. 20140604 added a new page "The Child Protection Industry" in the "Empirical" pull down menu.
  6. 20141102 added a new page titled "Occupy Central with Love and Peace (讓愛與和平佔領中環 or 和平佔中)" in the "History" pull down menu.
  7. 20141123 added an executive summary page titled "Occupy Central with Love and Peace Executive Summary (讓愛與和平佔領中環 or 和平佔中)" in the "History" pull down menu.

  1. 20160104 added a new page "Plecas Review Part 1: Decision Time" in our top menu.
  2. 20160316 added a new page "Children's Aid Society - a mask should have been long unveiled" in our Empirical tab.

  1. 20170409 added a new video "2017029 MCFD caregiver Andrew Resham Bhatti's confession" in our Video Archives and MCFD-Run Foster Home pages.
  2. 20170730 added a new case "Melissa Lopez Investigated by CAS After Dentist Reports Possible Oral Neglect (June 2017)" in our Cases page.
  3. 20171127 added a new section "Crocodile Tears Shed Again" in our Child Removal & The First Nation page.
  4. 20171208 added a new court decision "J.P. v. British Columbia (Children and Family Development) 2017 BCCA 308" in our CFCSA Case Law Library page.
  5. 20171225 added a new page "The Australian Royal Commission Report on Child Abuse" in the "Empirical" pull down menu.

  1. 20180620 added a new page " Children Used as a Political Weapon" in the "Empirical" pull down menu.

Current Year
  1. 20190326 added a new page " Canadian Mothers Forced to Surrender Their Babies for Adoption" in the "Empirical" pull down menu.

[This page was added on 10 June 2009, last revised 26 March 2019.]